December 9, 2007

DJG Drama《大長今》in Iran, Middle East

According to report, DJG drama achieved a whooping 86% rating in Iran and in Tehran, it is at 90%. What it means is that almost everyone with a TV at home is watching DJG. To see news, click here

In 2007, Iranian IRIB TV station had interviewed and reported LYA. To see the subtitled show, click here. An alternative English translation was posted in "comments" below.

There are many Iranian websites on DJG and LYA. It’s interesting to see the writing is from right to left online.

Below were cartoons published in Iran:

Translation from fans:
1. What a heart, you be the lover
for it's every night, be the light, when it is foggy
Sickness is so marvelous, dear me!
When you be my nurse to cure me!!
Bubble over the hand: "wonderful, that's it"
The text on the left hand side: "ide people!!"
2. She says: "you burned the food again" pointed to her daughter!? Learn a little from other daughters...!!

The Iranian version of
Dae Jung Geum (大長今)
from Mansour

Related story ***************
The story of the Korean drama "Dae Jung Geum (大長今)" will become part of curriculum of Hong Kong elementary schools. It is not just due to its popularity but its cultural content.
To see news, click here and another one.

December 1, 2007

Behind Story of Dae Jang Geum 《大長今》

The recent translation of the Japanese interview of 李英愛 on her co-stars in the famous Korean drama is insightful.

Yang Migeon (梁美京) ssi and I, both of us have AB-type blood and we have common characters. We can understand each other without words. We prefer to be on our own.
Migeon ssi is quiet and hard to approach at a glance, but actually she’s very warm person. The role of Lady Han fit her very much.
We sometimes exchange e-mails and sometimes talk by phone. She’s been always cheering me up and supporting me.

A person, Hon Rina (洪莉娜) is quite different from Geumyeong. Rina ssi is very bright and cheerful.
She was pretty disappointment with the development of lost love with Min Jungho. She often joked with laughing “How come?” “Oh no, I can’t believe it!”

Thinking of Kyon Miri (甄美莉) ssi, I remember that act of eyes. Her eyes gave the drama vivid impression and were outstanding.
Her concentration was excellent in shooting; on the other hand, she kept a good atmosphere in breaks. She is quite different from Lady Choi. She has a sense of humor, and she likes to make others laugh.

Min Jungho’s love was always watching JG from the behind. I like the way.
As I can’t say “I love you.” even if there is a man who I love, I also prefer kind of assertive man, though…. Recently women are more active, and tend to tell their love to men.
It’s a bit regret that I did not have so many love stories with Min Jungho.

To see the whole English translation (by a Japanese fan), click here. Recently, A Chinese fan has started a Chinese translation. Click here to see.